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 Posted: Fri Jun 21st, 2013 08:37 pm
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If you can help me think of a name it would be great.

Daddies in jail again,
This time I can’t leave him in
He left me out of the deal this time,
I got a the plan, Billy you can drive
It’s been raining for days. It’s time!
Pick me up right at 9
I’m put’n those heels on and that fancy city girl dress
We’re going to the court house to stop this god blessed arrest.
Gotta decoy drive on the side
SRT-10 four wheel drive
And case we need to run for it
Laid our guns in a tree trunk by the forest
Daddy said what do ya think your gonna do
I know I got no ABA to save you
Let’s go discuss the case in the back room
Billy will have the back door jimmied soon
I’m put on these damn heels and fancy city girl dress
I’m going to stop this god blessed arrest.
Daddies slipped out the back door
While Officer Danny thought he was gonna score
He was left with his pants down
I walk out right when Billy pulled around
We drive off toward the forest
Picked up my guns and ran for it
I say Daddy now that we see no one is coming -----Tell me where’s the damn money

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